WADA publica os Documentos Técnicos TD2017LDOC (v2), TD2018MRPL, TD2018DL e TD2018CG/LH 27-11-2017

Dear colleagues,

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announces the publication of the following Technical Documents:

  • TD2018DL – Decision Limits for the Confirmatory Quantification of Threshold Substances along with the Summary of Modifications.

    This Technical Document is an update of TD2017DL version 2. It includes important changes regarding the correction for specific gravity for all threshold substances when the specific gravity is greater than 1.020. In addition, TD2018DL has been updated according to the 2018 Prohibited List since glycerol is no longer a prohibited substance; and it includes guidance on the interpretation and reporting of morphine findings.

    Effective date: 1 March 2018

All WADA-accredited laboratories are required to implement the Technical Documents in their procedures by the effective dates indicated.

To consult the full listing of Technical Documents, please refer to:


Best regards,

World Anti-Doping Agency

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